The Caribbean Centre for Human Rights says it is concerned about the recent detention of Venezuelan nationals, including a number of women and children under the age of two, who may be possible victims of trafficking.

In a media release the Centre says taking COVID-19 precautions into account; it is calling for what it described as a measured solution that places human rights first. The Center says returning these persons, including children, would place them at further risk of exploitation, violence, and contracting COVID-19.

Chairman of C.C.H.R., Diana Mahabir-Wyatt, is urging the government to adhere to international human rights standards and principles to safeguard the rights of these persons, and to work with stakeholders and civil society to do so,”.

C.C.H.R. says a human rights-based approach requires an assurance that all foreign nationals identified as victims of trafficking are informed about their right to request international protection and are able to access fair and efficient asylum procedures.