Endangered monkeyHunters are not happy with the announcement that Government is moving ahead with a proposal to have a two year moratorium on hunting in the country, which takes effect from next month…

Speaking at the weekly post cabinet news briefing at the Prime Minister’s St Clair Office on Thursday, Environment and Water Resources Minister, Ganga Singh, revealed statics of the number of agouti that were removed from the forest over a three year period.

Asked to comment on this latest development, hunter Peter St. Clair in an interview with News Power Now on Friday morning, said illegal hunters and criminals would have a field day.

Apart from dismissing claims by pro moratorium groups that hunters were killing endangered animals such as the Ocelot without discretion, St Clair also noted that hunters were the ones who usually alert the police about acres of marijuana fields within the depth of the forest.  Endangered Ocelot

St Clair said legal hunters only target specific animals.

Meantime, the veteran hunter said Government also needed to do more to protect the sanctuaries in Trinidad and Tobago.