The man who stands accused of murdering kindergarten teacher K’la Marie Solomon-Cain is dead.

The jilted husband died at the Scarborough General Hospital on Wednesday night, while under police guard five days after he was arrested for the crime.

On February 8, Cain was held in a wooden shed, in a forested area, approximately two miles off Huntley River, Arnos Vale Road, Les Coteaux.

He was taken to hospital, allegedly suffering from dehydration and exertion.

The suspect, of Maloney, had contacted his relatives mere hours after he bludgeoned Solomon-Cain with a hammer saying he intended to kill himself. He had also posted on Facebook that he had infidelity and trust issues.

An autopsy conducted on the body of Solomon-Cain showed that her skull had been fractured in the hammer attack.

According to the report, Solomon-Cain died of blunt-cranial cerebral trauma and sustained a cracked skull, with damage to the brain.