A nightmare came true for one married couple after a wife was brutally raped and a husband beaten during a robbery at their Mayaro home on Monday night.

Due to the nature of the violent crime, the identities of the victims and their exact address are being withheld.

According to police reports, around 10:00 pm on Monday night, the woman and her husband were at home when three armed men stormed the building.

One man was said to be armed with what appeared to be a firearm, while the other two were armed with sharp objects.

The assailants separated the couple, securing them in separate rooms of the house.

Fearing for his wife’s safety, the husband protested against being separated from his wife, and as a result, he was hit several times about the head and body.

The woman was then allegedly repeatedly violated by the intruders.

After the ordeal, the men grabbed several items of value, including electronics, jewelry, and a quantity of cash, before escaping.

The police were notified, and both victims were taken for medical treatment.

WPC Francis is said to be investigating the matter.