Talk show host Ian Alleyne is yet to be charged with an offence after being


Alleyne, who is the host of the Crime Watch Programme, had to be

hospitalized last evening after a team of police officers led by ASP Ajeet

Persad arrested him on the compound of CCN TV6 just after 8 O’Clock.

Shortly before his arrest Mr. Alleyne’s lawyer, Om Lalla, spoke on the matter

on air on TV6 with, Mr. Alleyne at his side, and said that the arresting

officers were not in possession of a warrant for his client’s arrest.

Mr. Lalla added that the officers were neither able to explain what Mr.

Alleyne would be charged for.

However Lalla did say that he understood the arrest was being carried out in

connection with the airing of the alleged rape of a 13 year old girl in Morvant.

The Crime Watch host initially refused to be arrested by the officers resulting

in a scuffle that saw him being forcibly restrained over the bonnet of a

vehicle before being handcuffed.

Eventually Mr. Alleyne was taken out of the compound in a vehicle and taken

to the Central Police station.

However he later complained of chest pains, dizziness and feeling faint.

Mr. Alleyne was then taken to the Port of Spain general Hospital and was

later to be transferred to the Mt. Hope Medical Sciences Complex.


Mr. Lalla said that the manner in which the arrest was carried out constitutes

an abuse of process