The agriculture Minister is today warning citizens against the purchase of illegal wild meat, this after three T&T nationals were arrested for possession of what officials believe is illegal wild mea. A number of animal carcasses were seized during the interception. The meat, which included agouti, tattoo, wild hog, lappe and deer, were discovered and police believe they were illegally brought into the country from South America.

The Agriculture minister is warning citizens that the meat may be harmful for human consumption, explaining that sometimes, the meat is treated with a chemical to mask the scent of decay and is sold frozen or thawed out.

The Minister says decaying meat, meat washed in unhygienic river water, and meat not kept at the right temperature can lead to severe illness and even death.

Persons are urged to closely examine meat that has been roasted, cut-up, seasoned or prepared.

One year ago, police seized thousands of pounds of decaying wild meat brought into T&T from Venezuela. At that time, the wild meat included agouti, deer, wildhog, lappe and tattoo.