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ILP LOGOPrakash Ramadhar’s comment on the landslide victory of the ILP over the People’s Partnership’s Khadijah Ameen is symptomatic of the irrelevance of the Congress of the People (COP) to the national politics of Trinidad and Tobago.

Ramadhar, who offered a tongue in cheek congratulations to ILP Interim Political Leader, Jack Warner, insulted the people of Chaguanas West by stating that their vote ushered in “a vulgar concept of politics.”

Ramadhar, an attorney at law and the Minister of Legal Affairs insists that Warner should prove his innocence as it relates to the allegations made against him first before returning to electoral politics.ILP Youth Arm

 What is clear is that we, the people of Chaguanas West unlike Ramadhar voted to uphold the constitution, which pronounces innocence on our “Uncle Jack” until he is proven guilty and views Ramadhar’s approach as bordering on a dangerous trend especially for someone who has been leading the charge for constitutional reform within the Government.

Ramadhar cannot be serious and when he condemns the right of citizens to vote for their representative of choice then Ramadhar is not only indentifying himself to be unfit to be in charge of Constitutional Reform in this country but also unfit to be a Member of Parliament since such an office requires the holder to uphold the tenets of our constitution.

As long as Ramadhar remains a leader within the People’s Partnership questions will also be raised concerning the commitment of the PP to uphold our constitution.  His remarks have tainted him and his associates and have given to me further reason why I must vote again against the People’s Partnership Government.

ILP Youth Arm1For the record Mr Ramadhar, Jack Warner is innocent until proven guilty and my vote for him was not a vulgar concept of politics but an action to rid this country of a selfish, self-centred and corrupt bunch of politicians being ruled by a shameless and gutless cabal.

For the record, Mr Ramadhar approximately 18,000 constituents of Chaguanas West spoke with their votes in Chaguanas West and over 12,600 of those persons spoke with their votes in favour of Jack Warner and the ILP, a party which in less than one month has already recorded a membership of over 8,000 young members and over 50,000 registered members nationwide.

Respectfully Submitted,  

Virmala Balkaran

Interim Chairperson – Youth Arm

Independent Liberal Party