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ILP Final Public Meeting; Jack Warner’s Speech at Green Park, Felicity…

 JACK WARNER ILP Final rally(from Jack Warner)

A green night to all of you and my very sincere thanks to all of our previous speakers including our Interim Chairman, Robin Montano. let me begin by saying that the time has come before we even cast our vote for us to begin the healing process that is needed to keep this constituency, Chaguanas West, as one happy family.

The time has come for us to abandon the acts of attrition which are hurting so many across the nation and for us return to decency as leaders so that we can model the type of behaviour that we will want our children to display in their actions and in their conversations.

 Chaguanas West has never been the battlefield for bacchanal.  Rather, it has always been the home where unity is cherished, where diversity is celebrated and where the concept of one love is real.ILP LOGO

In Chaguanas West the boundaries of race and religion do not exist.  People are not marginalized based on the colour of their skin, the texture of their hair or the God to whom worship and praise is given.

On the contrary, in Chaguanas West, it is our cultural diversity that keeps us together. It is the festivals we celebrate together that demonstrate to one and all the purity of the love we share; it is our union as a constituency that has been the hallmark of our harmony.

In spite of the power struggles to represent Chaguanas West, we must never allow anyone to come between us, to divide us, to cause us to begin fighting among ourselves because whether we win, lose or draw, they will be gone tomorrow and we will still have to live here together today.  Let us remain as ONE.

The struggle for Chaguanas West went south but my friends, my constituents, it ought never to have been this way.  As a people, we sit and set rules, which we expect our leaders to follow.  Rules, which are supposed to govern us and keep us civilized; rules, which are supposed to become the moral compass for our behaviour, as a party the UNC agreed to a set of rules framed by our forefathers under which we ought to have been governed.

Jack ILP pic3When rules are broken, anarchy steps in and ushers in derision, malice and deceit.  It brings to the fore a level of bitterness which if not bridled would dismantle our society, disrupt the way of life as we know it and initiate a type of frontier justice symptomatic of the wild, wild west of early American history.

The reason why the conversations went south was because the rules framed by your forefathers were broken.  It was because the voices of the people of Chaguanas West were ignored.  The thirty-one party groups who nominated and recommended a UNC candidate were disregarded and the Chaguanas Constituency Council who placed on record their candidate of note was overlooked.

The rules which the party ought to have followed in its selection of a candidate were set aside and the anarchy, the bitterness, the out of timing conversations became the order of the day because I chose to exercise my right to represent you even though it was under the banner of a different brand, the IPL.

Reverend Teelucksingh called it correctly when he reminded us all of the days when politicians in their expensive air conditioned vehicles would roll through and pass Chaguanas West without even contemplating that within these boundaries are constituents who voted to allow them to occupy the seats of power, to control the treasury and determine for the next five years the destiny of our nation.

Their stewardship of service, though, was absent.  They never even remembered you existed.  They confessed that it was only because of elections they knew that some of you needed food cards and to add insult to such injury, they ignored your right, the right given to you by the forefathers of your party to recommend and nominate a candidate of your choice.

Those who speak in discordant tones today know very little of what we have been through together and what they know, they choose to ignore.  You think they do not know that before I was elected as your representative that I have been representing you?  You think they do not know that even when we sat in the opposition benches where most politicians blame the government of the day and find excuses not to look after you the people that I was among you performing for you and acting on your behalf?  You think that they do not know that or even remember that?

We never saw anyone in Chaguanas West when we celebrated Indian Arrival Days here.  They did not join our celebrations or funded Eid-ul-Fitr or Divali.  They do not know the basis upon which our Ramleela has grown and how Felicity has now emerged as the venue for the largest celebration of the Ramleela festival in the country.  No my friends they do not know that.

When there is death in your family, they do not know that we come together to mourn and if help is required to bury the dead, we provide it.  They do not live here or come here so they are unaware of the sick for whom we have provided wheelchairs and other forms of medical relief.Jack ILP pic2

That is not the kind of representation and service they are accustomed to or of which they can boast.  So it is really not strange for them to select someone close to their type of representation and thrust her on you and tell you vote for that.

But my people you know better.  You know to what you have grown accustomed.  When the party was not there for you, I was there and I still am.  After July 29 2013, when the food cards they have given to you for one month expire and there is need for food on your table, they will still not be there for you but I will be here for you.

After July 29, 2013, when the contracts they have given out will-nilly dry up, I will still be here agitating for equity for the people of Chaguanas West.  Their presence here, as it was in Tobago recently, is only to get your vote but they have a history of abandonment and a precedent, which they have established as recent as in the Tobago House of Assembly elections and practised within their own constituencies.

So the bacchanal is not about you, but just to deny me the right I wish to exercise to represent you whom I have represented for the past seven years since my association with you.  The kuchoor you listen to is all about others wishing to deprive me of the opportunity to represent, act and perform on your behalf.  That is what all this manufacturing of lies, fables and ole talk is all about.

I agree with Dr. Moonilal that box drains do not vote as I am sure that he will agree with me that food cards, land deeds, self-help contracts and all the other things being distributed now for this elections do not vote as well. Nor do lagahoos vote either.JACK WARNER ILP green park1

It is people who vote and again Dr. Moonilal and I will agree to that.  Dr. Moonilal will silently agree with me on the fact that people who vote should vote for representation, action and performance, which is consistent and not representation that is temporal or convenient only around election time.

But when he stands on the platform, Moonilal will suppress such truths simply because the party wants to force upon you a candidate with no track record of performance and that, my friends, is immoral.

This is why I can stand here and now and seek your vote because you know after the hype is over and after the Ministers who have planted themselves on Cacandee Road have gone, I will still be here for you.  For this reason, I am confident that the people of Chaguanas West will vote intelligently and return Jack Warner as their Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West; keeping our family alive and as ONE.

For this reason I know you will vote for me because even in the most trying and difficult times we have stood together as brothers and sisters in one happy family; nothing and no-one must keep us apart.

For representation, action and performance I stand assured that you will cast your vote for me for I have never abandoned you and will never abandon you even through rough and turbulent waters.

On 29 July 2013, send a clear message that Chaguanas West is about loyalty to each other, about our strength when we stand together and about our love, which is not affected by race, religion or politics. 

On July 29, 2013, vote for Jack Warner and the ILP.

JACK WARNER ILP green park2The time has come my people for us to begin the change in society we would like to see, so said the great Mahatma Gandhi.  The time has come for us as leaders to begin to listen to the voices of our people.  Since May 24, 2010, we have not done so well.  We have made many mistakes, some would like to call them errors and others may even like to call them missteps.

But when the leadership of a country or any organization decides to silence the critics among us, quiet the analysts who bring a sense of reason to our society, and still the voices of the social commentators who conjure up pictures of reality to allow us to effect change towards the good, then we as leaders are pathetically lost and hopelessly out of touch with the people we claim we serve.

Since Tuesday, my inbox has been inundated with emails begging me to return to the platform where issues and ideas are being discussed.  The political scientists are criticizing how we as leaders are shredding our membership apart and denigrating our country before the international community with valueless gutter politics.  The media are solid in their stance against our discourse for the way we malign each other rather than present and deal with the matters affecting Chaguanas West and how we can make a difference.  And at the end of the day, we have failed to recognize, even at this late hour, that we have not treated Chaguanas West with the respect and honour Chaguanas West deserves and today I looked in the mirror and decided that the change in this election must begin with me.

So I have come here tonight to say thanks to the many who listened on Friday and Tuesday  last and felt it necessary to say to me in the simplest terms “Jack don’t go down there.”

I am happy for the critics who possessed the strength of character to publicly speak against the politics of hate and acrimony, which has grown beyond reason during this Bye-election campaign.

I want to apologize to the young people to whom we as leaders have not set and shown a good example and I want to pledge that on my platform now and other platforms to come I will do my best to keep my message clean and keep its contents green.

In this regard, I will accept the offer of the Prime Minister for me to come back home once the acceptance of my return is unconditional.  Because the question that keeps haunting me is concerning the value of my return to the Prime Minister. 

JACK WARNER ILP green park3 Somehow I am getting the feeling that how I come home is more important than if I come home.

Would the Prime Minister accept me if I turned up in green or is it only the colours of yellow or orange that matter?  Would the Prime Minister accept us all 61,000 of our members to date in the House of the Rising Sun as the ILP or is it that for us to return home we must abandon our new freedom and the enlightenment we have found in the ILP?

Would the Prime Minister accept us all even on the basis of our philosophical differences or must we accept the tenets of government by a few resulting in the alienation of many before her doors are open? 

To call publicly for Jack Warner and the ILP to come home must indicate to all and sundry what we are coming home to. 

When I represent the people of Chaguanas West and say we are family, the colour of our politics does not matter.  The love that is extended is unrequited and unconditional and it does not matter where we sit on the political fence, once you are a child of Chaguanas West I will be your representative.

This is the politics of the ILP, the politics that I intend to extend to the people of Chaguanas West, the type of politics to which they are accustomed.  It is not the type of politics that will deprive them of a sustainable life if the colour of the clothes they wear does not meet with my approval as has been the case of some CEPEP workers in Chaguanas West whose contracts were terminated because they went green.

The politics of the ILP is not one where vindictiveness is a core value, so that people associated with those of different colours will never be deprived of their Priority Bus Passes.

The home of the ILP is all embracing.  You may not support everything we say but people will never be discriminated against on the basis of their beliefs, association or religion because these are values protected by the constitution of Trinidad and Tobago.

So it begs the question, if I return home, Prime Minister, how will you fix the abandonment of the UNC constitution, which was recklessly stymied when you placed Khadijah Ameen to represent Chaguanas West in a manner that will be fair and just to me?  How will you fix that Madam PM? 

The UNC constitution has been trampled over.  My supporters have been discriminated against by Government ministers in what I can only describe as acts of desperation and so the question which begs to be asked is how will my coming home right the wrongs which have been committed not only against me and the ILP but also the thirty-one UNC party groups of Chaguanas West. How will the wrongs be corrected against our present membership, which has just crossed 61,000?

But this action has a wider implication for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago not only Chaguanas West.  In one fell swoop, in your grab for power, you have trampled not only on the UNC Constitution but also the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago and that raises questions of the fitness of your cabal-led government to govern the people of this country.  

When the constitution of a party is trampled over that is a reason for concern but when the constitution of the country is eroded by the government of the day, it raises questions about our freedoms, our rights and privileges, which are afforded us by law.

When citizens are deprived of the right to associate, you are tampering with the Constitution.  When citizens lose their jobs because of their political affiliation then you are trampling upon rights enshrined in the Constitution, which you swore to protect.  That was part of your oath of office Madam Prime Minister.

We can stand here tonight and sling handful after handful of mud against each other.  You can stand on your side and question the depth of my pockets and I can stay on this side and question whether the UNC was funded by drug money since one of its investors was arrested in a drug bust in North America.  But at the end of the day that has no value to the people of this country…………………and especially those of Chaguanas West.

What is of value, Madam Prime Minister, is whether your actions as demonstrated during the run-up to these elections clearly manifest breaches of our constitutional rights which if continued unchecked will compromise the rights of our people.

These are important questions for the people of Chaguanas West to answer as we go to the polls on July 29, 2013 because a vote for Khadijah Ameen may very well be sending the signal to the Government that it is alright to tamper with our Constitution and trample over the rights of the citizens of this country or, more specifically, that it is alright to fire persons who do not agree with you.  That is the question…

Today, people’s rights are being affected on the basis of their political affiliation, tomorrow it may be race, the next day it may be culture, the following day it may be religion until all our people’s rights have been eroded by a reckless government heading along a suicidal path destroying anything in its way.

The Prime Minister and the Attorney General are both excellent lawyers who deservedly conferred SILK upon themselves which promoted them to the level of Senior Counsel not only in Trinidad and Tobago but also globally especially in the Western Hemisphere.  Night after night, I hear on the platform that Jack Warner needs to clear himself from all these allegations but rather than clear himself he has gone and started another party.

The problem is that implicit in that statement, is again the trampling of our Constitution, which places the onus on proving one’s guilt on the accuser rather than the accused.  Since when does our Constitution recognize that a man is guilty until proven innocent?  Even in our criminal justice system, a murderer is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers.

So when the Prime Minister and the Attorney General of a country conveniently sidestep the constitution just to keep me out of office and demand that I prove my innocence because they have ruled that I am guilty then that is a dangerous precedent if we allow them to get away with it.  Are they going to abandon the Rule of Law next?  If we don’t send a strong message of rejection to the politics being practised by the Ameen Camp we may very well find that we will wake up one morning and find that we have no rights in this country.  Don’t be mistaken my people, a vote for Jack Warner is a vote for the maintenance of your rights and the upholding of our Constitution. 

When HDC Houses are distributed outside the policy established for their distribution, it is your constitutional rights, which are being affected.  When under normal circumstances you are denied access to a TT Food card for which you have qualified and for which you are entitled but only receive a one-month temporary card valid only until the day of election then my people your constitutional rights as a citizen are being abused.  When projects are being distributed without clear procurement procedures which means that only those in the favour of the Government of the day will receive contracts, then you are being denied equal access to State resources and when your constitutional right to association results in the Government discriminating against you my people you must stand up for what is right.  Do not vote for their candidate and sell your constitutional right.

For this reason I am asking you to be sober and to avoid the drunkenness of power and vote for Jack Warner and the ILP for Representation and Action and Performance for every constituent regardless of your race, religion or political persuasion.

My people, the Jack Warner they talk about with so much malice is the Jack Warner with which they have been familiar since 2007.  Nothing has changed.  The allegations from FIFA are more than a decade old.  The allegations spoken of in the CONCACAF Report are nothing more than a rehashing of the old allegations of which they all have been aware. The allegations spoken of are certainly much older than the allegations against Suruj Rambachan in the Scott Drug Report but no one is calling on Dr. Rambachan to prove his innocence because any media house which dares to raise such issues will find that their advertising dollars from the Government would dry up.

But the issues that such allegations spouted from the political platform of Khadijah Ameen against me are issues of trust, issues of honesty and issues that raise questions of loyalty.  The Ameen Camp led by your Prime Minister has already threatened that if you vote for the ILP you have nothing to get, not even for the few who would have voted to support Ms. Ameen in a losing cause?

These are also constitutional issues but let us view them through another lens.  So it is okay to spend $350 million on a “Colour Me Orange” project in constituencies, which have been loyal to the PNM since its inception in 1956 but you won’t spend a cent on a constituency which voted for you all their life but voted Jack Warner for Representation, Action and Performance for once?  Is that logical?  Is that reasonable?   Is that of sound mind?

If practised, that is vindictive politics at its worst and the nation, not just Chaguanas West, will judge your Government Madam Prime Minister based on the tone and tenor of your conversation and determine your fitness to lead this country next two months at the Local Government Elections and the next two years when General Elections are called.  You my people of Chaguanas West have the next two days to vote against their politics of vindictiveness and spite by electing Jack Warner as your Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West.

At the last Monday Night Forum, Senator Marlene Coudray, in her attempt to discredit me told the national community that it was virtually impossible for Ms. Ameen to miss 59 meetings in one year since the Corporation holds only one meeting per month. 

That is Politics of dishonesty.  That is the kind of Politics that is preached within the Ameen Camp.  That is the politics that wants to investigate Jack Warner soliciting funds from business interests but do not want to talk about the millions received from big business for their toys at Christmas time.  It is the same type of politics that would allow one of the cabal to leak a story about a fire tanker that it cost six million to move but would want to cover the fact that 27 million dollars were spent on a one night fete.

That is the kind of politics that would leak false information to the media about works done in Pump Trace but would fail to report on pumped up contract figures for its party financiers.  It is the politics of dishonesty of which you have to be aware.

A Councillor from the San Fernando Borough Corporation wrote to me an email correcting the politics of dishonesty practised by Senator Coudray of the Khadija Ameen camp.  The Councillor, a member of the COP, wrote and I quote:

“With Mrs. Coudray’s experience in local government, I am wondering if the lady is familiar with Act 21 of 1990 or she deliberately deceived the population. For the enlightenment of the nation, a Council holds 6 standard meetings per month – the Statutory Meeting, Health, Infrastructure, Personnel, Finance and a Coordinating Committee Meeting.  Sub-committee Meetings are also required.”

I myself was beginning to question the veracity of Senator Vasant Bharath’s email of November 2009.  I also began questioning Minister Bharath’s integrity since it was he who wrote this information and I started to wonder why he would concoct such a lie just to place Ms. Ameen in a bad light.

But this politics of dishonesty is so disloyal that Senator Coudray was prepared to falsify information even though it would discredit the integrity of her Cabinet Colleague hoping that we all will be duped into believing that we in the ILP lie so that she can win votes for her candidate.

That is low.  That is very low. 

I have fought many bruising battles against Minister Bharath, I may have also said some negative things too about him and vice versa but while we sat in Cabinet I never got the impression that this was a colleague that I could not trust.  If Senator Coudray can go so low to undermine her Cabinet Colleague who is still in Cabinet with her, you can understand the depth to which the Ameen Camp would sink to steal your vote.

So let us do the maths.  Six meetings per month suggest seventy-two possible meetings.  Minister Bharath in his email stated that he was informed that Ms. Ameen missed 59 meetings and those she attended most of them she was late for.  Is that mathematically possible?  Yes Senator Coudray, it is.  An apology not to me but to Senator Bharath should be given.

This is what the Ameen camp wants you to vote for, a politics of betrayal; a politics that promotes distrust.  A politics that will be disloyal to you, a politics of lies and deceit; the kind of politics which would divide us as a people, discriminate against us on the basis of our political persuasion yes, a politics of abandonment.

One of the freedoms promised to us in our Constitution is the freedom of the Press.  Let me be the first to say that while I sometimes distrust the press I have always respected their freedom.  My distrust is because of what I perceived  was a strange and an unholy bias towards me which at times manifested itself in a love/hate relationship.

During this campaign, I have been schooled on the importance of this fourth estate to the development of a free and fair society. A learned international jurist advised that even when the press, which has a responsibility to be free and fair chooses to show bias against you, I was advised that it is in the best interest of national development to avoid attempts to muzzle the Press or even attempt to influence its content.  Jack Warner was so advised and Jack Warner will so listen.

But our Constitution is being eroded.  One of my greatest critics, David Abdullah of MSJ, wrote about plans within the People’s Partnership to use its advertising power to influence media content.  That is true.  That is no lie.  Whether at the time we recognized the folly of such action is another matter but the only way we can correct wrongdoing is by acknowledging it and seeking to correct the past.

I know I have been targeted but I still will not bring legal action against my detractors because truth crushed to the ground will always rise.  So whether a compromised journalist maliciously causes a media house to publish false information about my family and me, at the end of the day, the truth will rise and exonerate me.

But tonight I want to call on Ms. Camini Maharaj who prides herself as being an investigative journalist and who, in doing her job as she says, has written so much about me, to help me with an investigation on behalf of a family.  A member of that family visited my office and informed me that some years ago, a journalist, while driving on the Priority Bus Route without the required PBR pass, knocked down a young man who died as a result of the accident.

That journalist I was told, because of political connections, escaped the arm of the law.  The journalist was never questioned, never arrested; I have been informed that records relating to that accident are not even documented in the Police Diary but this journalist whom I am told is presented as a paragon of virtue robbed a family of a loved one and to date no closure is brought to the members of this family.

I have therefore chosen to solicit Ms Maharaj’s help because of the many awards she has won in the field of local investigative journalism to help me to unravel this story so that justice will be meted out in this matter and so that the family can bring closure to this chapter in their lives.  Ms Maharaj, I am sure that in extending recognition to your work, my constituents will recognize my intent to support the freedom of the press in Trinidad and Tobago and will recognize that I will not tamper with such freedoms even when journalists or the media are adversarial towards me, so it’s over to you Ms Maharaj.

But that was just an aside.

My people, the time has come for us to recognize that the UNC that is coming to you today is not the UNC that was built by your forefathers.  The UNC that is seeking your vote has morphed into an entity that not even Basdeo Panday, the Founding Father, would recognize.  The increasing wealth among a few in contrast to the stark poverty of the many among us is a shift of the original trend of the party to favour labour over what was called the parasitic oligarchy.  So when they come to you and ask you to vote for the party of your forefathers ask them where has the party of their forefathers has gone. Which UNC are they talking about?

The emergence of cabalistic rule has resulted in the suppression of your rights and freedoms and has given rise to the “Dr. Politics” and the “Crapaud Politics” symptomatic of the PNM era where your vote was the only commodity in which party politics was interested.

My dear brothers and sisters, this Ameen Camp has not indicated at any of its walkabouts, cottage meetings or Monday Night Fora, at least none that I have heard about, how they are going to address problems of health, education for all, crime and other related issues plaguing your constituency.

But I can assure you that on Saturday, tomorrow, during their big fete and more fete they will try to provide you with some grandiose plan in a last minute ditch to correct the non-campaigning and mud-slinging which have been a feature of their politics. And while they feting and wining and dining and having a concert featuring big time international artiste, we in Chaguanas West will be in a Hindu Mandir, less than one mile away, in prayer and worship.

We will put all bitterness, acrimony and mud-slinging aside and let the healing begin.  Put all ill-will aside and let us restore our constituency to its pristine beauty where the culture of love and unity was nurtured through Representation, Action and Performance.

In my plea to you for us to put all ill will aside I also make a similar plea for the end of the dirty tricks even though I am aware that this plea of mine will fall on deaf ears on the other side. I have been advised that a menu of dirty tricks is being prepared for this Sunday beginning with a “poll” in one of our Sunday newspapers, paid to show Ms Ameen incredibly ahead in the polls. All I ask is that you remember a poll by Nunez and Nunez that was published in this same newspaper in 1981 which showed that the ONR would have won that election and, in keeping with the will of the people, ONR did not win a single seat. Up to toady, Chamber’s advice of “not a damn seat for them” is still as alive as ever. Or also do not forget the internal elections of the UNC when one of our television stations the night before the elections showed that for the post of Chairman of the UNC young Ashvani Mahabir, according to that TV poll, had 92% of the popular vote and I had a mere 8%. When the elections were held the following day and the ballots were counted I received 12,658 votes to young Mahabir’s 658.

I have been advised that my friends opposite are also planning to frustrate our motorcades in all kind of ways and even late into Sunday night to spread false rumours saying “Jack Warner just suffered a heart attack“; “Jack Warner has just been arrested” that “Ms Ameen has just been attacked and is hospitalised” or even that “Warner has returned home and says vote for Khadijah.

I have also been advised that, not being able to get the notorious Andrew Jennings to come to Trinidad, they have done the next best thing to get him to post on the net an insulting letter of my family and me which they will read over the next few days

You have to undertand that anyone who has dug up a road so as to frustrate a mass meeting like this one or a an evening of prayer like we intend to have on Saturday is capable of doing anything. So I urge all of you to be on your guard!

Let us bring healing by rejecting any conversation that seeks to divide us and keep us apart because we will either live and prosper together as brothers and sisters or we will die separately and apart as fools.

My interest is in your health.  That is why I will introduce for all my constituents the Doctor’s Onsite Initiative free of charge so that our elderly mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers will not have to face the ignominy of having to wait hours at a public hospital for treatment which I will now offer to you in the comfort of your homes.  This is an extension to the mobile clinics, which I offered to you before when I was your Member of Parliament. In fact though I did tell you that this medical programme will come on stream by mid-August, owing to the demands in the constituency, the doctors began the programme yesterday and continued today at no cost to our Chaguanas West patients. 

There are some brochures on this programme for you at various points in this massive meeting. Don’t forget to take one before you leave.

My interest is also in your children’s education.  That is why I will begin the establishment of homework centres free of charge so that children will have educational support in their communities long after the school doors have been closed for the day.  The children of Chaguanas West must become the leaders in the classroom and this initiative will provide that foundation to allow them to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.  This is an extension to the scholarships for cane farmers’ children, which are still being given even though at present, I am not your Member of Parliament but I know that on July 29, 2013 that will change.

My interest is in your safety.  That is why I have engaged big business and I have asked them to join me in setting up CCTV cameras throughout our constituency where we can monitor every home to keep you my constituents secure and safe.  As your Member of Parliament, come 29 July 2013, I will lobby for the establishment of police posts in Felicity and Pepper Sauce Village.  I will also lobby for additional police patrols in Chaguanas West because this constituency must be recognized as the safest in Trinidad and Tobago.

Remember when you leave here make peace with each other.  Don’t fight over whom you are going to vote just do not change your allegiance from Jack Warner who is going to make a difference in your community.

As I close, remember that your politics is not more important than your family but do not shift from your loyalty to Jack Warner who has given to you representation, action and performance for the past seven years as your Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West.

Tonight we must resolve in our minds to stay green.  Those who are still undecided in the quietude of the night think about your children and make that change and a difference for their sake.  Stay green.

For those who are thinking party, focus on whether a government which disregards the constitution of the country and tramples its tenets, is right for you at this time or in fact at any time.  Yesterday it was Ramish Ramlochan whose only crime was that his interview was played on the IPL Platform.  Today it is I.  Tomorrow it may be you.  Let us put good men in the Parliament who would serve as watchdogs over our constitution.

Be a part of this movement.  The whole of Trinidad will be joining you on Sunday, supporting you, encouraging you to go green. On Sunday plant something green. On Sunday wear anything green and join us in the largest motorcade this country will ever see and this will happen in Chaguanas West beginning from 9:00 am at Saith Park.

Cook from Saturday night and come out in your numbers and let us send a strong statement to the Ameen Camp which has insulted us by giving us a candidate we did not recommend, which Camp abused us by forcing on us a candidate with a reputation of poor representation and which Camp treated us as fools for trying to convince us that we do not have a clue about performance.

Go home safely, stay committed, stay loyal, stay devoted to Jack Warner, the candidate who will give you performance, action and representation in Chaguanas West.

God bless you my family and I love you.


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    Jack has ramkalliah tr barrackpore.backing him all the way to the top go green go green!!!