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‘I’m no hungry mouth’…Ian Alleyne…

Ian Alleyne

Ian Alleyne

United National Congress candidate for the St Joseph by-election, Ian Alleyne, tells his political rivals he will not be distracted by their verbal attacks going into the November 4th poll.

Speaking at a People’s Partnership local government election public meeting at Fyzabad Monday night, Mr. Alleyne claimed he left behind a good financial position during his stint as host of the television program Crime Watch to enter the political arena.

However, he said the move was made because he decided to put the country’s interest first.

Mr. Alleyne said in spite of the tense nature of the election race, he will not become discouraged by the negative comments made against him  on the political platform.

He also defended some media workers who ILP Interim Leader Jack Warner claimed were recipients of Housing Development Corporation houses, because of their association with high ranking government officials.

Alleyne said Warner only wanted to silence the media.

He dared the ILP Interim Leader  to publish names if he really had them.