EidYouths of the nation got a strong message yesterday during the Eid-ul-Fitr holiday from Imam Imtiaz Ahmad Khan of the Carapichaima Masjid un Nur.

He stated that Islam was not about being rebellious and joining radical groups to perform cowardly acts, but of performing Salah (Islamic Prayers) and having respect and dedication for your parents.

He urged the youths to stay away from bad association and/or joining radical groups that carry out suicide bombings.

He said that the dean of Islam was certainly not to harm their brothers, women and children.

He said that that as Muslims, they did not associate with this and they had no right to bring harm to anyone.

Even if it is being done to them it still did not give them any right to harm and kill.

He urged the youth not to join gangs.

He told them to wake up and perform Salah and have respect for others.

He revealed that Islam is about having a positive influence in society and integrating good values. Those killing will never earn respect in the end. Respect will be earned to those doing the right things.

The Imam also challenged parents to be role models for their children in showing them the right way and true teachings of Islam.