Imitiaz Mohammed 1 President of the Islamic Missionaries Guild of Trinidad and Tobago, Imtiaz Mohammed is accusing the United States of discriminating against Muslims by cancelling their visas…

Mr. Mohammed also accuses the US government of religious discrimination, following the cancellation of his visa and suspension of his pilot’s licence.

He said his licence was suspended while he was on a humanitarian mission to Pakistan last year.

The IMG and Mohammed were first known to the Federal Bureau of Investigations of the US when he was questioned on the whereabouts of Adnan El Shukrijumah, who appears on the US Most Wanted Terrorists list.

In an interview on C this morning Mr. Mohammed said persons who faced this discrimination were not individuals who had any contact with Mr. El Shukrijumah.

Mr. Mohammed says his attorney is willing to take up this cause for other Muslims who suffered the same fate.