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Increasing Murders, Low Detection Rate, Causes for Concern Says AG

Increasing Murders, Low Detection Rate, Causes for Concern Says AG

NEWS GRAPHIC 6Concerns are being raised about increasing murders and a low detection rate.

The matter was highlighted during yesterday’s sitting of the Senate.

Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi, spoke on the issue while contributing to the Strategic Services Agency Amendment Bill.


Mr. Al Rawi underscored the importance of the bill and urged the Opposition to give their support.


Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi


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    Davis Daniel 2 years

    Faris Al-Rawi why don’t you keep your little tailor quiet. Did you get permission from Rowley to make that Statement. It is my information that you have to watch yourself because Rowley have already you Al-Rawi Terrence Deyalsingh and Young marked and may not have many more months to go again.

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    Jerry Hussain 2 years

    The AG should pay more attention to how his police officers deal with the general public …e.g. I believe I was set up. I left Trinidad on 7th March 2016 to seek another opinion om my back as I have suffered 5 muscle spasm attacks since 2003 ( from a fall in Yara Trinidad Limited where I was employed almost 30 years). I have since became a diabetic with complications.

    However, on the evening of the 21st July 2016 I parked my vehicle between two other vehicles just outside the front door of Ali’s green grocer on the Western Main Road in St James, Port-of-Spain. I am on a new drug called Invokana given to me by my diabetic doctor since March 2016 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada which has regulated my sugar levels from 270 plus down to between 72 and 125 for the last three months. I came back to Trinidad on the 16th July 2016 and since have found my sugar level falling below 72 on a very hot day which is dangerous I was told ( I could very quickly go into a coma state and die) and so I had to make a pit stop at Ali`s to buy some bananas so bring it back up so that I could continue driving. I was not at Ali`s more than two minutes when I heard someone saying `wrecker`. In my condition I know I cannot panic but I did and I started to feel very faint. I was still making a purchase for the banana. I eventually got out the grocer to find a police officer wrecking my vehicle. I also tried desperately to tell the officer who refused to give me his name that I was totally unaware of the new parking restrictions as I was here between December 2015 and February 2016 and there was none. He pointed to the sign towards Clarence Street and I quickly replied that the Digicel tent on the pavement was blocking my view of the battered sign he was showing me. I listened to the persons in the green grocer who are fed up of the police tactics who seem to be on a roll affecting the business there. I lived for the last three years in Montreal where I have driven the past three years and where the no parking zones are clearly indicated and you know all the time between streets that are linked to a main street and bus stops that you cannot park.

    I have pictures of the exact place I parked and the tent as it blocks out the sign and as well the police car strategically park to run Ali`s customers. I am asking you is this the justice you and yours want for this country. I was forced to leave Trinidad over the years for numerous reasons. I won a case in the Appeal Court since 2012 and still awaits costs. Is the police folk and the lawful in this society ever going to trust one another by this aggressive and arrogant reaction from the police. When I started to protest on Wrightson road the police officer asked me if I wanted his gun. Is provocation by the police acceptable now.

    I would like to retrieve my $500 and an apology from the officer please. I am sure this is not part of Manning`s 20 20 vision. I await a reply from you.


    Jerry Colin Hussain

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      The mighty Trinifeak 2 years

      Never ever compare a law and order country like Canada with a lawless country like T&T. Just expect nothing in T&T. The police is always right and you are always wrong.Manning is resting in peace. He was the last person in T&T who was having a vision. Kamlas vision was to get enough rum to drink and Dr. Keith vision is to have sex with consent as often as possible.My advise to you if you are not satisfied with T&T go back to Canada.In Quebec you should change your surname from Hussain to Hollande go to church and pray for T&T.