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Independence Holiday Marred by 2 Road Fatalities

NEWS GRAPHIC 15Over the Independence holiday police officers of the Eastern Division reported two separate car accidents, where both occupants died.

Kenson Humphrey, of Rio Claro was killed after crashing his Nissan Almera into an electricity pole along the M2 Ring Road, Ste Madeline on Saturday night. He died on the scene.

Reports state around 8.30 pm, Humphrey 34, of Sunny Mohammed Trace, Rio Claro was returning to his home after a boat ride in San Fernando.

Brandon Jeffers, 33, also of Rio Claro, a passenger, was taken the San Fernando General Hospital and treated for injuries.

And a 33-year-old Sangre Grande man was killed on Sunday night after colliding with another vehicle at the Old Valencia Road intersection.

Police said Brian Lewis of Second Caigual Road, Manzanilla died on the spot.