President of the Industrial Court, Deborah Thomas Felix, believes there is a need for proper laws relating to conduct at the workplace.

She says the issues of sexual harassment and developing proper guidelines at the workplace are critical and should be given greater priority.

Mrs. Thomas Felix commented on the matter while addressing a Symposium on Sexual harassment in the World of Work.

It was held by the National Trade Union Centre.

The issue of sexual harassment at the workplace was brought to the light in Trinidad and Tobago recently over allegations made against Angostura’s Chairman Dr. Rolph Balgobin and Sport Minister Daryl Smith.

In both cases, the female accuser was fired after making the allegations, in stark contrast to what has been happening in developed countries such as the United States and Europe where the accused either stood down voluntarily or was forced to resign.

Mr. Smith was eventually fired as Sport Minister but still holds his post as Member of Parliament while Dr. Balgobin remained in his post even while an investigation into the allegations took place.