Selwyn RoboCop Alexis

Selwyn RoboCop Alexis

Reports indicate that Selwyn RoboCop Alexis was among three men who were killed during an exchange of gunfire yesterday afternoon.

However the circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear.

Reports also state that one of the victims were customer in the business place where the shootings occurred.

The third man who was killed, said to be the attacker, has been identified as Thomas Sharpe of Walters Lane, Bhagaloo Street, Enterprise.

Meanwhile, a 10 year old child was also said to be injured in the incident.

He was reportedly taken to hospital, however his medical status is unknown at this time.
The exchange of gunfire reportedly took place at Alexis’ business place, located at the corner of Southern Main Road and Freedom Street, Enterprise, at around 4:30pm.

Alexis, was well known to police, having had several run ins with the law in the past.

Two men are reportedly in police custody.

Reports this morning indicate that at approximately 6 am today an Imam of the Central area was detained by police officers in connection with the shooting.

Investigations are underway.