The International Women Resource Network says it believes the time has come for both the Office of the Attorney-General and the Commissioner of Police to review recommendations advanced by the group regarding penalties contained in the Sexual Offenses Act and the Children’s Act.

It explains that the objective of the legislation is to deter would-be offenders as well as implementation of tougher measures by the state in protecting children.

IWRN claims that over the last twenty years or so, the country has loss hundreds of minors who were murdered in the most brutal circumstances with ninety-five percent of the perpetrators known to them – the latest being 13- year- old Joash Pantin whose body was found close to his home on Monday.

President of IWRN, Sandrine Rattan, said like other crimes, perpetrators are continuously seeking out new strategies by which children can be wooed into their murderous nests.

The organization is again strongly appealing to parents and caregivers to exercise extra vigilance and caution regarding the movements of their children and to immediately remove the belief that their children are safe in the hands of neighbors and others closely affiliated with families, as evidence shows that children are hurt and/or killed by persons known to them.