The International Women Resource Network says it is concerned about the lack of will regarding the establishment of a sustainable public education campaign that addresses issues surrounding sex and reproductive health, not only for adolescents but also parents and all other stakeholders with responsibility for nurturing children.

This latest statement comes in the wake of the alarming statistics on teenaged pregnancy disclosed by the Joint Select Committee of Parliament on Wednesday.

President of the IWRN, Sandrine Rattan warns that unless and until this country views sex and reproductive health as an issue that must be properly ventilated, particularly among the youth population, Trinidad and Tobago would forever be plagued by these challenges and the dissemination of statistics would become the unfortunate norm.

Ms. Rattan said through its work with families, the organization has discovered that parents still need to be properly sensitized on suitable engagement strategies on imparting sexual knowledge to their children, adding that there is also a large percentage of teenagers in this country who are totally unaware of what is required to start a healthy sex life.