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Investigation into 2015 Police Roadblocks Concluded. Lack of Supervision Blamed.

Investigation into 2015 Police Roadblocks Concluded. Lack of Supervision Blamed.

The Police Complaints Authority says it has concluded its independent investigation into the series of roadblocks/ road exercises undertaken by officers of the Police Service on Monday 23rd March, 2015.

It adds that it has come up with twenty-one recommendations and will be forwarding copies of its report to the Director of Public Prosecution, the Commissioner of Police and the Police Service Commission.

A media release issued this afternoon stated that the PCA’s investigation entailed scheduling, recording and transcribing over one hundred and fifty interviews of police officers and civilians and the acquisition, scrutiny and examination of hundreds of related documents.

It said the investigation revealed that there was a lack of proper supervision of junior officers by superiors which resulted in three hundred and forty-one officers across Trinidad and Tobago conducting twenty-nine roadblocks/ road exercises without the knowledge of their superior officers.

It noted that although no direct evidence was found to indicate that senior officers were alerted to plans by the junior officers to conduct these roadblocks/ road exercises, the PCA found it difficult to believe that given the amount of planning, coordination and precise execution required for the staging of these roadblocks/ road exercises, no senior officer was alerted to the plans of the junior officers.

It also found that time-tested protocols for the management by seniors of the activities of juniors were not always adhered to as Divisional Commanders struggled to meet pre-determined crime management targets throughout the Divisions.

The organization recommended the strengthening of the management/ supervisory infrastructure within the police service.