Investigations are ongoing into the death of 63 year old Tar­ra Seer­am who was found dead in her two-bedroom home in Cara­pichaima after it went up in flames on Christmas morning.

The fire reportedly start­ed short­ly af­ter 4am and fire of­fi­cers responded quickly and were able to con­tain and ex­tin­guish the fire.

Her body was discovered by a relative who went in­to the house to search through the ru­ins af­ter the fire was put out.

Relatives told reporters that they did not know she was at home and didn’t ex­pect to find her re­mains in the ashes.

Preliminary in­ves­ti­ga­tion by fire prevention of­fi­cers indicates that an electrical issue may have caused the fire.

However, her daughter Latchmin suggested that negligence on the part of T&TEC could have a part to play in the cause of the fire.

She claimed that last month, they informed T&TEC of an issue with the connection from the lightpole to the house and that there were exposed wires but T&TEC has yet to do a site visit to assess the situation.

Latchmin added that the family will wait for the final outcome of the investigation before laying blame with the company.