Mariana Moonisar, 28, was shot in the head as she drove a silver Nissan Tiida, with her father as a passenger, along Esperanza Road last Friday.

Investigators are searching for a police officer who they believe may be able to aid them in their inquiries into the death of parliament clerk Mariana Moonisar.

According to the police, the police officer, who was last attached to the Central Division had previously been in a relationship with Moonisar.

The three-year relationship reportedly ended badly.

The funeral service for the 29-year-old woman is expected to take place today.

Moonisar was fatally shot in her father’s car at Esperanza, Couva, on Friday afternoon.

Her father, who was also shot in the incident, survived.

His 29-year-old daughter was not as fortunate, succumbing to her injuries that night.