Fire officials are continuing investigations into the cause of two incidents in South Trinidad between Monday and Tuesday morning.

In the most recent situation, a fire reportedly started at Monty’s Club located at Imperial Plaza in San Fernando around 9 o’clock on Tuesday morning. The club’s CEO, Allan Montano said employees left the building late on Monday night after stripping the floor of the business.

Damage has been described as minimal however, a Detour clothing outlet located on the lower level of the plaza is said to have suffered extensive water damage amounting to over 1 million dollars. The plaza remains without an electrical supply at this time.

Separately, investigators are probing a fire at Fazal Avenue, Penal Rock Road which completely destroyed a home on Monday at around 3pm.

The home owner, 47 year old Jeniah Vincent had not been at home at the time of the blaze and officials are yet to ascertain how the fire started.

Losses have been estimated at $80,000.