Jane Seymour, the actress who starred in Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, is 68-years-old. In her mid 60’s, the TV star was floored when her husband of 20 years called it quits on their marriage. She said she never thought her marriage would end and couldn’t fathom the idea of dating, this despite her children’s explanation of the Tinder dating app. What happened next, will leave you speechless.

Seymour ran into an old flame and another romance ignited! This happened merely one year after her break-up with her hubby of 20 years. This was back in 2014 and the pair have been together since that time. More and more these days, older women are ceasing the day, remaining optimistic on the possibility of romance and wholesome, happy relationships, even post-menopause. Whoever said older women should’t date? Who came up with that rule?

Society has seemingly damned the libido of women past 60, often time condemning them to granny panties and chores around the house, especially in the Caribbean. Well, we’re here to tell you that 60 is the new 40 and women in their sixties and even older, should never allow society’s taboos to condemn them to a life of unhappiness.

Being 60 doesn’t mean you can’t date.

Now ladies, if you’re tech-savvy, here are a few online dating portals you might just want to check out. Get yourself a profile and get back in the game. Jane Seymour at 63 grabbed herself a new man and so far, she hasn’t lived to regret it!