Psychiatric Association, Varma Deyalsingh

Deviance will breathe deviance.

This is according to Secretary of the Psychiatric Association, Varma Deyalsingh.

Yesterday Education Minister Anthony Garcia confirmed that some of the students, who were taken out of the education system due to violence and indiscipline, have returned after undergoing rehabilitation.

He told our newsroom that progress had been made with the students who displayed behavioral problems.

However, in an interview with News Power Now this morning Dr. Deyalsingh revealed that there was danger in utilizing a framework that lumped deviant children together.

He said that the danger with utilizing this template was the fact that the child had to return home, which most times was the source of the child’s problems.

He revealed that rehabilitation of a child required much more including help from the home and the school that the child would be returning to.

He stated that a few months was not long enough to rehabilitate a violent child.

He divulged that parents also needed to understand that if they wanted their children to attend school the children had to abide by the school rules.

He explained that there had to be an all-round approach taken to properly rehabilitate a child.