One Opposition member is now describing the Zika virus in this country as an epidemic.

Member of Parliament for Couva North Ramona Ramdial says that the Ministry of Health led by the Health Minister is not doing enough to curb the spread of the Zika Virus.


She maintains that they are not doing what is necessary to slow the spread of the virus.

In an interview with News Power Now this morning, she revealed that many citizens had opted to test themselves privately for the virus.

She said that in most cases the test results were positive.


She disclosed that one of the major hindrances to the Zika fight was the lack of funding to local Government Corporations.


The World Health Organization laid down guidelines with respect to curbing the spread of the Zika virus.

They include clean up exercises, and public health awareness campaigns.

Ms. Ramdial feels this was not being effectively followed by the Health Minister and his Ministry.

Efforts to contact the Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh this morning proved futile.