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Islamic Front criticizes treatment of returning nationals

Islamic Front criticizes treatment of returning nationals

Islamic FrontTreatment meted out to our returning Nationals.

The Islamic Front continues to observe, with great concern, the response of the State following the
return of five T&T citizens, who were previously detained in Venezuela for 32 months.

Head of the The Islamic Front Umar Abdullah said the organization is calling on the AG. Police Commissioner, Stephen Williams and the Police Service’s Professional Standards Bureau to investigate
and actions and decision of all the officers who detained without due process and questioned our
returning nationals from Venezuela.

ilamisc front 2Abdullah said public has a right to know if there was not a coherent response from the authorities, with respect to any formal interrogation or informal debrief exercise.

This lack of respect for the Muslim community, Abdullah said showed that the police service showed no compassion to the plight of the families.

Abdullah said this is not what 21st century policing is all about; its part of a backward decadent mentality that holds the recipe for failure.