The Islamic Front is dismissing claims by the police that they received intelligence that members of the Central-based gang Unruly ISIS were in Port of Spain preparing for a war with the Rasta City gang over the recent murders of men affiliated with Unruly ISIS.

A release issued by The Islamic Front notes that they made it absolutely clear in a press conference of April 2017 that there is no such gang existing.

It said that the name was coined by the police to form an association with the group ISIL from Syria and Iraq.

Head of the Islamic Front Umar Abdullah is lamenting the fact that the police is somewhat linking the discovery of five weapons in the ceiling at a Masjid in Central Trinidad to this war.

He maintained that the Islamic Front have always held that the Anti-Gang Bill and the Anti-Terrorism Bill are two legislation crafted to target Muslims in this country.

He claims that it is only by the mercy of Allah that those weapons were found by members of the Masjid and not a planned raid executed by the police.

The Islamic Front says is warning the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service whom it believes to be an affiliate of Rasta City to redirect their attention to the perpetrators of crime and not the law abiding citizens of this country.