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Islamic Front President says social distress fuelling crime spree in T&T

There remains a lack of focus and attention on the elements of social distress plaguing communities in Trinidad and Tobago. This, according to one Islamic Leader, is at the root of the country’s crime situation and until it is properly addressed by the relative authorities, nothing will change in this country.

News Power Now spoke with President of the Islamic Front, Umar Abdullah, this morning. He said while the Enterprise Chaguanas community is relatively quiet at this time, he is concerned that enough emphasis is not being placed on the struggles being faced by the poor and vulnerable in society.

Mr. Abdullah said his group has plans to initiate programs that will aid in motivating and helping the vulnerable, not only in Chaguanas, but across the country. He said for too long, assistance has been leveraged to persons who often time, do not need it.

Mr. Abdullah lamented that if the government continues as it is, there is no way Trinidad and Tobago will be ready for a 2030 that the Prime Minister envisions.