The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago has written to

the Director of Public Prosecutions regarding the airing of footage on CCN

TV6’s Crime Watch Programme.

The letter from TATT came in response to a letter of complaint sent to the

Authority by the head of Fixin’ T&T, Kirk Waithe, over the airing of footage of

the dead body of 2 year old Aaliyah Johnson on April 12 th.

TATT says it is of the view that the airing of the content of this and another

programme was done to sensationalize and increase the ratings of the TV

programme without considering the interest of the public.

TATT says that, with specific reference to the case of little Aaliyah Johnson,

this matter is still the subject of a criminal investigation and thus may be

sub judice.

As such TATT has written to the DPP on the matter.

A copy of its letter has also been sent to the management of CCN in which

the media house was urged to ensure that journalistic standards are

maintained at all times.

TATT is also calling on CCN to ensure that content considered unsuitable for

viewing by children not be aired during periods when children are likely to be

watching television.