Chief Justice, Ivor Archie, explains that specialized units of the Protective Services and the Judiciary Security Unit are the only entities responsible for assessing and implementing arrangements for the personal security of Judges and Magistrates.

The Judiciary says it is therefore false and irresponsible to suggest that at any Judges meeting, the Chief or any other Judge discussed the retention of any private security firm for the purpose of providing the said personal security.

On another issue Mr. Archie notes that in 2015 he did forward the names of what he describes as needy and deserving persons to the Housing Development Corporation for such consideration as might be appropriate.

In a media statement this afternoon, the Chief Justice insisted that at no time did him ever recommended Dillian Johnson for HDC housing adding that it is untrue and appears to be purposeful mischief making for one to suggest otherwise.

Meanwhile, on a third matter the Chief Justice said recently there has been discussion in the public domain about an attack on Dillian Johnson.

The statement pointed out that the Office of the Chief Justice expects the relevant authorities will urgently conduct a necessary and thorough investigation into this incident.