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IWRN President says curbing school violence needs greater parental involvement

IWRN President says curbing school violence needs greater parental involvement

Sandrene Rattan

President, The International Women’s Resource Network, Sandrene Rattan

The International Women’s Resource Network is today pleading with parents to become more committed to the well-being of their children, and avoid depending solely on teachers in particular, to deal with issues that are negatively impacting the lives of their children.

This comes in light of the recent findings of the parliamentary report which identified 35 “at-risk” schools, coupled with the organization’s own work with parents.

In a release issued today the Organization revealed that whilst the organization welcomes the recommendations tabled by the committee, a greater responsibility lies on the shoulders of their parents and/or caregivers with whom children spend a larger percentage of their time on a daily basis.

Sandrene Rattan President of IWRN spoke with News Power Now today revealed that parents needed to exercise honesty when dealing with their children.

She said that parents are throwing their hands in the air because of their inability to deal with the issue.

She divulged that her Organization’s work with parents have revealed that parents depend on the teachers, school system and the Ministry of Education to do their work for them.

Rattan also claimed that another problem was where some parents enabled their children who were guilty of misbehavior in schools.

She said this is a dangerous president.