Jack Warner releases Football Tsunami

Update: Mohamed bin Hammam says he will appeal the ban imposed by FIFA

Jack Warner has kept good on his promise to unleash a “Football Tsunami” against FIFA.

After his suspension (see article) over alleged bribery Mr Warner has released allegations against Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s president and Jerome Valcke the world governing body’s secretary general. These allegations expose an email from Valcke regarding the Qatar selection for World Cup hosting, Mr Warner also accuses Blatter of misusing FIFA money by giving one million USD to CONCACAF.

Jerome Valcke FIFA General Secretary

In the email (see below), Valke implies that Qatar “bought” their votes for hosting the 2022 World Cup. There has been much speculation as to how Qatar won the rights, with accusations of 2 African executives being paid for votes and vote sharing with Spain which is contrary to FIFA rules.

Qatar has since threatened to take Valcke to court stating:

“Qatar 2022 categorically deny any wrongdoing in connection with their winning bid,” it said in a statement released on Monday afternoon. “We are urgently seeking clarification from FIFA about the statement from their General Secretary.

“In the meantime we are taking legal advice to consider our options.”

Mr Warner also revealed that FIFA president Blatter gave money $1 million to CONCACAF  to do as it sees fit in Miami on 3 May. The money is said to have been for two projects under FIFA’s flagship Goal development initiative.

Warner said that Michel Platini, UEFA’s president was annoyed about the “gift” and had complained to Valcke that: “Mr Blatter had no permission from the finance committee to make this gift.” Warner said Valcke replied that he would “find the money for Mr Blatter”.

Mr Warner also revealed in this wave of his “tsunami” that Blatter gave out gifts of computers and laptops to 13 Caribbean football associations , by implication in return for presidential votes.

Blatter and Valcke have called a press conference in Zurich at FIFA HQ and are expected to respond to Mr Warners accusations.

Jack Warner has been an executive within FIFA for 28 yrs and claims that the charges against himself and bin Hammam leading to his suspension is “politically motivated” and has threatened “to say a lot more on this matter

Valcke’s email in full :

Dear Jack, lots of questions 😉

Firstly I got also a very, very good feedback about the draw, its organization and the media coverage. It is great the FWC Final Draw is not the only one getting such attention but now all including the U-17. Football is really big.

For FICO, I perfectly understand your position about England. There is not a major point it is true to be discussed. I think MBH will try to attack us on various points but am prepared to answer. Nothing very new since Robben Island 2009 Exco!

For MBH, I never understood why he was running. If really he thought he had a chance or just being an extreme way to express much he does not like anymore JSB. Or he thought you can buy FIFA as they bought the WC.

I have a bet since day one, he will withdraw but on June 1st after his 10 min speech. By doing so he can say he push Blatter to make new commitments bla bla bla and get out under applause. Before means he is a loser. So … He will get some votes. Less than 60 today after CAF support. It will be the “coup de grace” if you would officially send a message as the CONCACAF President by saying CONCACAF supports unanimously.

So am not giving you advice but just feeing about what I think is the situation.

Finally just coming back to wives. You know Jack ruled are for the majority. Why? Because without a minority will always abuse! Some and a few members are given a special authorization to bring their partner at their coast and it is fine but we have a number of issues and that is why this regulation was decided a very long time ago before I was appointed for sure.

Talking about the before I was told and it is confirmed, Linsi went with MBH to visit a few MA’s. Was maybe the ex-future SG. Also one agency, Sportfive, has being very supportive and organized for MBH meeting with MA’s they have under contract.

Wow, just wake up, being in San Francisco for a few hours before flying at 1pm to Sao Paulo for the day. And am writing so much ;)).

Enjoy your day