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Jack Warner claims Tyranny as wheelchair bound supporter alleges he was interrogated by ‘Special Branch Police’

JACK WARNER ILP Final rallyClaims of Tyranny by ILP interim leader Jack Warner….

Mr. Warner revealed that one of his supporters; a wheelchair bound man was allegedly interrogated by ‘Special Branch Police’ after last Tuesday’s ILP rally.

During Friday night’s ILP final political rally, Ramish Ramlochan, a former driver of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, and who is now a member of the ILP, via a pre-recorded video, told the tale of how he was interrogated by men who claimed to be Special Branch Officers.

Wheelchair bound Ramlochan, who has stage 5 cancer and ‘wears’ a catheter, claims on Tuesday last one hour after an ILP public meeting, he was taken from his Chaguanas home by 3 police officers to a building in St. Clair, in Port-of-Spain where he was interrogated for hours.

Ramlochan said the men stormed his home, claimed they were officers of the Special Branch, did not show a warrant, and took him to St. Clair where he was interrogated and told he was a terrorist.

He said he was denied his medication while there and was not allowed to clean himself.

After the video was played, the ILP interim chairman described the incident as a sign of tyranny and an abuse of state resources.

Mr. Warner said the party will use all its legal means “to ensure wrongs committed against Mr. Ramlochan do not proliferate.”

At the end of his presentation last night Mr. Warner told supporters, “Let us bring healing by rejecting any conversation that seeks to divide us and keep us apart because we will either live and prosper together as brothers and sisters or we will die separately and apart as fools”