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Jack Warner questions COP Political Leader’s Financial Status

ILP Leader Jack Warner

ILP Leader Jack Warner

As the election date draws closer, candidate for Chaguanas East and incumbent MP for Chaguanas West Jack Warner continues to drop “boom shells” relating to members of the People’s Partnership Government.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on Power102.1fm this morning Mr. Warner made the suggestion that Minister of Legal Affairs Parkash Ramadhar may have brought a house in Florida, to the sum of one hundred and twenty-five thousand US dollars.

Mr. Warner also suggested that the wife of Minister Ramadhar has a house in the US under her name.


The ILP Candidate for Chaguanas East questioned how Minister Ramadhar can afford BMW’s and US housing with his current government salary.


Warner was asked to comment on the matter of his extradition to the US.

He said that he has since been pleading with the Attorney General to sign his extradition papers however, to date he has not complied.


Candidate for Chaguanas East Jack Warner.

Minister of Legal Affairs Parkash Ramadhar fires back….

COP Political Leader, Prakash Ramadhar

COP Political Leader, Prakash Ramadhar

Leader of the Congress of the People Prakash Ramadar  responded to allegations from the Leader of the Independent Liberal party Jack Warner made recently.

He thanked the ILP leader for his concern about the state of my personal finances since he became a Member of Parliament and a Minister of Government in 2010.

He said that he took note of the several questions Warner raised, about his ability to purchase properties locally and abroad.

He said that he wanted to extend an invitation to Mr Warner to immediately travel with him to Florida, the cost of which he will incur, so he could facilitate Mr Warner with a tour of the condo or other properties to which Mr Warner referred.

He said that if it was difficult for Mr warner to travel to the United States – for whatever legal or other reason – he wanted to assure Mr Warner that all of his business interests and property holdings have been disclosed to the Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago, consistent with provisions of the Integrity in Public Life Act.

He reminded that that prior to entering public life he had already built a very successful career, over some twenty years, as a criminal defense attorney.

Additionally, he said that he had the good fortune of benefiting from his parents’ hard work, unlike some children who must face time in jail as a result of a parent’s misdeeds and who were now useful to the state only as state witnesses.

He ended by saying that he looked forward to his early acceptance of his invitation so necessary travel arrangements can be made.