The case involving the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation and 13 members of the Soca Warriors 2006 World Cup Squad has resumed in the High Court.

The proceedings had started in the High Court before Justice Devendra Rampersad yesterday however, Rampersad had ordered the proceedings suspended to allow new TTFF attorney Derik Ali time to be briefed on the matter.

Ali replaced Om Lalla as the TTFF’s lawyer in the matter in which the members of the Soca Warriors team are demanding outstanding monies after representing this country in the Germany World Cup.

Justice Rampersad confirmed that TTFF Special Advisor, Works and Infrastructure Minister, Jack Warner had not filed financial accounts which he had promised to do last September.

Speaking on behalf of the Soca Warriors, national player Brent Sancho said the players are seeking to ensure that confidential documents were not removed from the TTFF office.

Meantime Mr. Warner is adamant that he will not be answering questions raised about monies reportedly given to him from Fifa in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Haiti.

Mr. Warner questioned why it took 2 years for these allegations to surface.