Ahead of the August 10th General Elections in Trinidad and Tobago, many of this country’s politicians are making their presence felt in quite a different way. They’re answering the silly questions, laughing a lot and engaging with the man on the street, like never before seen. That’s all thanks to No Filter- a product of popular Trinidad and Tobago urban radio station, Boomchampions 94.1FM.

Hosts of the show, Jade Campbell and Rome, along with their DJ – The Ultimate DJ Shane, have orchestrated a pretty down to earth and entertaining pre-polls hook up for all politicians on any side of the divide, who’re willing and able to make it into the hot seat of the 6-9am weekday morning show. So far, a number of politicians who’re vying for seats around the country, have been interviewed. From Jason Williams to Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi, Saddam Hussein and Khadijah Ameen, it’s been quite a hoot in the early mornings for the past few weeks and it only got crazier on Monday morning when Jack Warner – the political candidate for Lopinot/Bon Air , on the Independent Liberal Party ticket, was their guest.

A call in segment in particular stood out, as one frequent caller, who’s referred to as Action Man, called in to give the former National Security Minister and embattled former FIFA Vice President, kudos for maintaining a good relationship with the people on the ground. That wasn’t all though! So bold was the well known caller that he just may have sealed the deal to cop himself a house.