Jamaicans have been paying attention to what has been taking place in Trinidad and Tobago recently.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Devon Watkis told The Sunday Gleaner that while local law enforcement officials had no information on a possible terrorist plot in Jamaica, they were treating the matter seriously.

He said the threat against Trinidad has to be viewed as an issue for the entire region.


Watkis, who heads the Counter-terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch, said that his team had been liaising with the operators of certain plazas, hotels, piers, refineries, and other critical infrastructure in Jamaica to help them improve their security mechanisms.

He said that the circumstances of the the environment suggested that they had to be mindful and take proactive steps.

He revealed that there was no need to panic there was always need to be aware.

The Sunday Gleaner report said law enforcement in Trinidad responded to a possible terrorist threat last week with increased security at public facilities even as they urged Trinidadians not to panic.

Watkis stated that there would also be increased police presence.