On Feb 5, the formal launch of a Stakeholders Association seeking to advance the growing fin/tech sector of digital startups.
Aldwyn Wayne, C.E.O., and Keisha Wayne, Chief Compliance Officer, of WiPay (which facilitates paperless money transactions), and Matthew Moses, director, at the online insurance platform, Shyft TT, speak to the promise of faster, cheaper and more convenient services for the public, and of operating within the existing regulatory and legal frameworks.
Transparency advocate, Afra Raymond, comments about Trinidad and Tobago’s continuing slide on the annual global Corruption Perception Index, saying passage of the Procurement Act, and the role of the courts are of vital importance.
With the authorities announcing a ban on glass bottles on Carnival parade days, for security and safety reasons, drinks categories manager at the Carib Brewery, Antron Forte, and Kenny Attai, head of the Operations Command Centre for the Tribe group of mas’ bands, tell of how the beverage alliance and others parties are adjusting.
And we air the 2nd excerpt from the paper on the region’s future prospects, presented by the Director of Economics at the Caribbean Development Bank, Dr. Justin Ram, at an American Chamber forum on January 30th 2020