In light of recent allegations that she is being investigated by the Integrity Commission, UDeCoTT Chairman Jerlean John has revealed that her lawyers will this morning write to the Commission seeking answers.

It was over the weekend that reports surfaced that Ms. John was now the subject of an investigation by the Commission; something which she said she knows nothing about

In an interview this morning, the Housing Development Corporation Chairman, who is not in the country at this time, said clarification on the matter is of importance

Meantime on the reported issue that the nature of the investigation was that her daughter secured a contract from UDeCoTT, Ms. John denied this stating that her daughter, who is an attorney by profession, never had any dealings with the UDeCOTT board.

Meanwhile Ms. John also revealed that UDeCOTT now has a new Chief Executive Officer…

Newspower understands that Kirk Ramlal will from this morning fill the vacancy which was once occupied by Calder Hart.

Ms. said that Mr. Ramlal, who was previously employed as an immigrant accountant, went through a transparent process before he was chosen