The Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs says it has re-filed its claim against Jearleen John and other defendants in the High Court for the Eden Gardens matter.

The claim arises out of the misuse of public funds to acquire a property known as Eden Gardens in Chaguanas by the Housing Development Corporation for a sum substantially greater than its open market value.

The claim outlines how the eventual payment of the grossly inflated sum for the lands was as a direct result of the failure of key personnel, who controlled the HDC at that time, to exercise their duties as public officials by taking reasonable, responsible and sensible steps to conduct due diligence on the transaction and the value of the land being acquired.

However in response to this, Ms John believes the claim is a personal vendetta against her as she has done nothing wrong.

Ms. John says she too plans to go to the courts but for a different reason.

Speaking with News Power Now a short while ago, she revealed that she has already notified her attorney of her intention to sue for slander.

Ms. John maintained that the process was above board with the approvals received from the Board of HDC, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Housing and the Cabinet who all approved the transaction.