Former Managing Director at the Housing Development Corporation, Jearlean John, says she is not troubled by claims from government minister Fitzgerald Hinds that the state has new credible information that will be used in the court case against prosecute her and several other former HDC officials over allegations of corruption.

Speaking during the Power Breakfast Programme on Power 102.1fm Wednesday morning Mr Hinds said the state was able to get information from the banks pertaining to the matter that will be very useful going forward.

However, speaking in a News Power Now interview, MsJohn said her conscience remains clear and she is not fazed in anyway.

Meanwhile, speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi, sought to clarify the ruling made by a High Court Judge on the issue.

In response to Mr Al Rawi’s claim that the Government intends to refile the matter, Ms John added that the Government will not be successful in their attempt and warned that she intends to sue them when the time is right.