Member of Parliament for Barataria\San Juan, Dr Fuad Khan, says the slowdown of activity in the construction sector is causing severe hardship for many people, contractors and the economy.

The former health minister made the comment while being interviewed on the State of the Nation Programme on POWER 102.1FM on Wednesday afternoon. He was speaking in the context of the arguments over stated lower cost of public infrastructure projects under the current administration, as compared to those costs under the previous administration.

At the sod-turning ceremony for the Curepe Interchange last week, the Prime Minister said that project was estimated to cost some $530 million under the previous government, but will now cost $223 million.

Dr. Khan said this was largely due to the fact that Chinese companies, as with the interchange project, are allowed to bring in manpower, materials and equipment at state subsidized prices, and this drives down costs significantly. He said this is a form of dumping that the Chinese nationals are being facilitated through.

He claimed that the situation is compounded with the loss of jobs for many locals.

Dr. Khan also shared his views on what he described as the implications of unfair trade practices.