iCandy J’ouvert has responded to an incident which occurred during J’ouvert celebrations on Monday involving security guards from its band and what appeared to be a patron.

More than three male security officials were seen in a confrontation with a female band member.

The woman was pushed to the ground and was violently stomped on by one of the officials all while he was holding a canned beer.

A 28-second clip of the altercation was uploaded to social media receiving condemnation from viewers, many of whom advised the victim to take legal action.

In a statement issued to its “loyal patrons”, iCandy stated that it is aware of the incident which occurred during Monday’s festivities and assures that an investigation is underway.

The band says it does not promote violence and is seeking to put current and potential customers at ease, that it intends to provide a safe environment for all.

The band also says that it trusts that the matter would be resolved soon.

Video footage Below

May be sensitive and violent to some – be advised