It is something I would do.

This is the sentiments of 19 year old Lillian Williams a part-time employee of JTA Supermarket at Cross Crossing, San Fernando, was photographed on Monday feeding a wheelchair-bound customer, known only as Mr. Deoraj from Tarouba.

The picture has gone viral with many lauding the actions of the young lady.


Williams had also helped the disabled man to shop for all his grocery items while he was at the establishment.

In a televised interview this morning she explained that her actions were genuine, since that is the kind of person she is.


She revealed that she had never worked with the disables or elderly before.

Williams went on to explain what led her to feed the elderly man.


Store manager Stephanie Mc Burnie said the management was proud of Williams and hopes employees will follow her lead in making the extra effort for customers.

Differently abled activist Dr. Kriyaan Singh also paid the girl a visit yesterday and gave her a gift of $1000 in honor of her actions.