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Juliet Davy calls of Government to investigate “sex ring” allegation…

Juliet Davy

Social and community activist, Juliet Davy

Social and community activist, Juliet Davy, is calling on Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to launch a full scale investigation into the claim of a “sex ring” operating at the Ministry of the People and Social Development.

The claim was made by Independent Liberal Party (ILP) Leader, Jack Warner, during a public meeting at the Sangre Grande Recreation Ground last Saturday.

Mr. Warner alleged that Minister of the People and Social Development, Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh, is running a sex ring in his ministry and that employees were forced to have sex for political favours.

The ILP Leader claimed to have evidence and mentioned the name of a female victim who was fired after reportedly complaining about the matter.

Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh has denied the claims, saying it was baseless and he was advised not to comment on the issue by his lawyer.

Insisting that the matter must not be swept under the carpet, Ms. Davy says sexual harassment is a serious crime throughout the world, and it is a sad day in Trinidad and Tobago when the office of a government Minister is being accused of such a nasty act.

Ms. Davy threatened that if the government fails to treat with the matter urgently, she will have no choice but to stage a one-woman protest outside the Ministry of the People and Social Development, to ensure the matter receives the attention it deserves from the relevant authority.

Ms. Davy added, if Mr. Warner has proof then he must be called upon by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service to hand over the evidence, or be charged for withholding information of a crime from the Police.