In more of the co’vid-19 conversations, the founder of the Trinidad-based multi-national initiative,
W(e)H(elp)Y(ouths) Farm, Alpha Sennon, examines how individual initiatives and the proper implementation
of government policy can help improve the country’s food security.
As the phased re-opening of the economy continues, Jason Maitland, of the Caribbean office of  the
UK-headquartered Institution Occupational Safety and Health(iOSH) underscores the need for ample communications,
safety and support measures, especially with the work environment extended, in many cases, to the home.
And, after the finance minister said that up to one-third of the working population may be outside
the tax system, executive director(tax matters) at E(rnst and)Y(oung), Colin Ramsey, says additional state spending
on pandemic relief measures and less revenue from energy companies underscores the importance of compliance