Appellate Judge, Justice Charmaine Pem­ber­ton is ex­pect­ed to pro­vide writ­ten rea­sons to the Board of Petrotrin and the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union by next Mon­day as to why she stayed the injunction.

Her decision meant that the in­junc­tion will have no ef­fect un­less the union is able to con­vince a full pan­el of Ap­peal Court Judges at the hear­ing of Petrotrin’s sub­stan­tive ap­peal sched­uled for next Thurs­day that the In­dus­tri­al Court was jus­ti­fied in grant­i­ng the injunction.

In its no­tice of ap­peal, Petrotrin raised 15 grounds as it chal­lenged sev­en le­gal find­ings made by the In­dus­tri­al Court.

The com­pa­ny’s at­tor­neys claim that the In­dus­tri­al Court had no ju­ris­dic­tion, as the in­dus­tri­al re­la­tions of­fence com­plaint filed by the union is a crim­i­nal of­fence that does not lend it­self to in­junc­tive re­lief.

It al­so claims that the court erred when it ruled that the com­pa­ny had a du­ty to con­sult with the union.

The com­pa­ny is al­so con­tend­ing that the court failed to ful­ly con­sid­er its ev­i­dence over the im­pact of Petrotrin on the na­tion­al econ­o­my.