Communications Minister Maxie Cuffy remains in the United States under a stroke recovery program. 

Calls today from an Opposition Senator to the government for further transparency into the status of health regarding the Communications Minister, Maxie Cuffy. Khadija Ameen yesterday noted that to date there is no evidence that Minister Cuffie is well and recovering. Her comment came on the heels of a statement, purported to have been written by the ailing minister, and read by Planning Minister Camille Robinson-Regis at the PNM’s recent rally held at Minister Cuffy’s La Horquetta/Talparo constituency.

Speaking with the T&T Newsday newspaper, Ms. Ameen noted that a second stroke is debilitating and takes a lot of recovery. She further highlighted the fact that a second minister had been appointed to assist in carrying out Cuffie’s duties, that being Marlene Mc Donald, all while Minister Cuffie retained his ministerial title and benefits of office.

In her interview with the Newsday, Ms. Ameen suggests that an alternative arrangement be made to financially assist Minister Cuffie and further questioned whether Ms. Marlene McDonald would be fired yet again should the Director of Public Prosecutions decide to charge her over questions about the Calabar Foundation run by her common-law husband.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley last month revealed that tax payers have paid some $2.49 million toward medical costs accrued during Minister Cuffie’s hospitalization. He is presently in the United States where he is engaged in a stroke recovery program with an attached cost of $171,000 USD.