The memory of basketball great, Kobe Bryant, lives on. He would have celebrated his 42nd birthday today. Today is also the observance of his first birthday following his tragic and sudden death.

In honor of Bryant, sport wear powerhouse Nike decided to celebrate him by tapping another LA legend.

Nike released its latest ad, “Better/Mamba Forever,” narrated by Kendrick Lamar. For this video, Cortez Kenny delivers a spoken word piece that matches the intensity Kobe brought to every facet of his life. It also immortalizes Kobe’s impact by mirroring Bryant’s leadership skills and pushing listeners to be better. 

“Kobe taught us to be better,” Lamar says as images of Bryant flash across the screen. Lamar goes on to highlight the various ways people can be better in their lives as well as refusing to accept anything less than their best. 

“Better leader, better generation, better nation,” Lamar continues. “Just be better. Can you do that? … Better me, better you, better us.”

Kobe won 5 NBA championships in 20 years, going to 7 Finals. After his time in the NBA, he was establishing a successful production career, which helped him win an Oscar.