imagesLa BreaResidents of La Brea are today engaging in protest action. They claim they are not privy to employment and
stable jobs within the area.

Speaking with News Power Now, one resident of the area, Masimba John who also happens to be a contract
worker on a job site in the area, said qualified people who live in La Brea are not being selected to work
on several job sites. He argued that residents from areas such as Rio Claro are instead, getting the jobs.

John went on to highlight several health and safety measures, which are not in place at one main job site
which is under the stewardship of the Trinidad Offshore Fabricators Company, located in La Brea. He claims
laborers there are exposed to fabricating dust particles and are forced to deal with poor lighting at

John also claimed that a worker at the job site was injured when he came into contact with a crane.

The La Brea residents are calling on authorities and their Member of Parliament Nicole Olivierre to
investigate the situation in a bid to have the matter resolved.

Voice of La Brea resident, Masimba John