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Labor Unions say five percent is murder

Five percent is murder, that’s the theme of a meeting held today by the leaders of several trade unions at the Communication Workers Hall in Port of Spain.

The joint trade union leaders are accusing the People’s Partnership Government of disrespecting and disregarding the public service.

President of  the Banking Insurance and General Workers Union, Vincent Cabrera, disputed government’s claims that there is not enough money in the treasury to pay workers more than 5 percent.

Giving his strong support to Mr. Cabrera, Oilfield Workers Trade Union President General, Ancil Roget,  said disregard for the public service will not go unchallenged.

Mr. Roget threatened that if the Government does not deal with workers issues soon, the country will have a lot to pay.

The coalition government also received a tongue lashing from former Independent senator and President of the National Trade Union Center Michael Anisette.

Mr. Anisette said the actions of the government have only helped to galvanise the trade union movement.

He also slammed the acceptance of the 5 percent offer by the Public Services Association.

The joint trade union leaders plan to protest in front of the Prime Minister’s St. Clair Office on Thursday.

It is here that they plan to present a list of demands to the Prime Minister.